Commit 47710f82 authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš
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cli: 'con up' - give bond/bridge slaves 10s to appear while activating master

If there are no slaves after the timeout, exit nmcli with an error, assuming
that NM is waiting for slaves to finish activation:
"(bondx) "IPv4 config waiting until slaves are ready"
"(bondx) "IPv6 config waiting until slaves are ready"
parent 5277719d
......@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@
#include "settings.h"
#include "connections.h"
/* Activation timeout waiting for bond/bridge slaves (in seconds) */
/* Available fields for 'connection show configured' */
static NmcOutputField nmc_fields_con_show[] = {
......@@ -1356,6 +1358,40 @@ activate_connection_cb (NMClient *client, NMActiveConnection *active, GError *er
g_free (info);
typedef struct {
NmCli *nmc;
NMDevice *device;
const char *con_type;
} UpSlavesInfo;
static gboolean
bond_bridge_slaves_check (gpointer user_data)
UpSlavesInfo *info = (UpSlavesInfo *) user_data;
NmCli *nmc = info->nmc;
NMDevice *device = info->device;
const char *con_type = info->con_type;
const GPtrArray *slaves = NULL;
if (strcmp (con_type, NM_SETTING_BOND_SETTING_NAME) == 0)
slaves = nm_device_bond_get_slaves (NM_DEVICE_BOND (device));
else if (strcmp (con_type, NM_SETTING_BRIDGE_SETTING_NAME) == 0)
slaves = nm_device_bridge_get_slaves (NM_DEVICE_BRIDGE (device));
g_warning ("%s: should not be reached.", __func__);
if (!slaves) {
g_string_printf (nmc->return_text,
_("Error: Device '%s' is waiting for slaves before proceeding with activation."),
nm_device_get_iface (device));
quit ();
g_free (info);
return FALSE;
static NMCResultCode
do_connection_up (NmCli *nmc, int argc, char **argv)
......@@ -1523,6 +1559,19 @@ do_connection_up (NmCli *nmc, int argc, char **argv)
if (nmc->print_output == NMC_PRINT_PRETTY)
progress_id = g_timeout_add (120, progress_cb, "preparing");
/* Check for bond or bridge slaves */
if ( nm_connection_is_type (connection, NM_SETTING_BOND_SETTING_NAME)
|| nm_connection_is_type (connection, NM_SETTING_BRIDGE_SETTING_NAME)) {
UpSlavesInfo *slaves_info;
slaves_info = g_malloc0 (sizeof (UpSlavesInfo));
slaves_info->nmc = nmc;
slaves_info->device = device;
slaves_info->con_type = con_type;
g_timeout_add_seconds (BB_SLAVES_TIMEOUT, bond_bridge_slaves_check, slaves_info);
g_free (line);
return nmc->return_value;
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