Commit 302c9fcb authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

netlink: fix race that caused stale carrier state signals

Found by Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <>

The link cache was updated immediately, but the carrier state signals
were emitted a lot later, when the cache data was already stale.  So
just update the cache at the same time we emit the signals.  The
carrier-state-request stuff wasn't originally converted to deferred
for any netlink-specific reason, just to smooth the initial device
creation process in NM.
parent b582b4e3
......@@ -399,8 +399,18 @@ deferred_emit_carrier_state (gpointer user_data)
priv->request_status_id = 0;
/* Emit each device's new state */
nl_cache_foreach_filter (priv->nlh_link_cache, NULL, netlink_object_message_handler, monitor);
/* Update the link cache with latest state, and if there are no errors
* emit the link states for all the interfaces in the cache.
if (nl_cache_refill (priv->nlh, priv->nlh_link_cache))
nm_warning ("error updating link cache: %s", nl_geterror ());
else {
nl_cache_foreach_filter (priv->nlh_link_cache,
return FALSE;
......@@ -415,15 +425,6 @@ nm_netlink_monitor_request_status (NMNetlinkMonitor *monitor,
g_return_val_if_fail (priv->event_id > 0, FALSE);
/* Update the link cache with latest state */
if (nl_cache_refill (priv->nlh, priv->nlh_link_cache)) {
g_set_error (error, NM_NETLINK_MONITOR_ERROR,
_("error updating link cache: %s"),
nl_geterror ());
return FALSE;
/* Schedule the carrier state emission */
if (!priv->request_status_id)
priv->request_status_id = g_idle_add (deferred_emit_carrier_state, monitor);
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