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CONTRIBUTIING: add chapter describing Cscope and code structure

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Code Structure
`./contrib`- Contains a lot of required package, configuration for different platform and environment, build NM from source tree.
`./data`- Contains some configurations and rules.
`./docs`- Contains the generated documentation for libnm and for the D-Bus API.
`./examples`- Some code examples for basic networking operations and status checking.
`./introspection`- XML docs describing various D-Bus interface and their properties.
`./m4`- Contains M4 macros source files for autoconf.
`./man`- NM manual files.
`./po`- contains text-based portable object file. These .PO files are referenced by GNU gettext as a property file and these files are human readable used for translating purpose.
`./src`- source code for libnm, nmcli, nm-cloud-setup, nmtui…
`./tools`- tools for generating the intermediate files or merging the file.
NetworkManager's source code is large. It may be a good idea to use tools like cscope/ctags to index the
source code and navigate it. These tools can integrate with editors like `Vim` and `Emacs`. See:
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