Commit 2d347e7e authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

cli: don't wait for connection change on update failure

When saving a connection, we wait the connection-changed signal before
proceeding to ensure that the remote connection is up to date.
However, no signal is emitted if the update fails and so we shouldn't
wait for it.

Fixes: a370faeb ('cli: wait for changed signal after updating a connection'):

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......@@ -7814,8 +7814,10 @@ editor_menu_main (NmCli *nmc, NMConnection *connection, const char *connection_t
while (!nmc_editor_cb_called && !timeout)
g_main_context_iteration (NULL, TRUE);
while (!connection_changed && !timeout)
g_main_context_iteration (NULL, TRUE);
if (!nmc_editor_error) {
while (!connection_changed && !timeout)
g_main_context_iteration (NULL, TRUE);
if (handler_id)
g_signal_handler_disconnect (rem_con, handler_id);
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