Commit 2a506d8a authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

settings: drop redundant check from have_connection_for_device()

have_connection_for_device() really should just call nm_device_check_connection_compatible().
Note that nm_device_check_connection_compatible() of course checks the
connection type already, so this is redundant.
parent 3e39d2a5
...@@ -3362,12 +3362,6 @@ have_connection_for_device (NMSettings *self, NMDevice *device) ...@@ -3362,12 +3362,6 @@ have_connection_for_device (NMSettings *self, NMDevice *device)
/* Find a wired connection matching for the device, if any */ /* Find a wired connection matching for the device, if any */
c_list_for_each_entry (sett_conn, &priv->connections_lst_head, _connections_lst) { c_list_for_each_entry (sett_conn, &priv->connections_lst_head, _connections_lst) {
NMConnection *connection = nm_settings_connection_get_connection (sett_conn); NMConnection *connection = nm_settings_connection_get_connection (sett_conn);
const char *ctype;
ctype = nm_connection_get_connection_type (connection);
if (!nm_device_check_connection_compatible (device, connection, NULL)) if (!nm_device_check_connection_compatible (device, connection, NULL))
continue; continue;
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