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CONTRIBUTING: add comments about our clang-format and various adjustments of markdown

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Guidelines for Contributing
Coding Standard
* The formatting uses clang-format with clang 11.0. Run
`./contrib/scripts/ -i` to reformat.
The formatting uses clang-format with clang 11.0. Run
`./contrib/scripts/ -i` to reformat the code
or call `clang-format` yourself.
You may also call `./contrib/scripts/`
which runs a Fedora 33 container using podman.
You are welcome to not bother and open a merge request with
wrong formatting, but note that we then will automatically adjust
your contribution before merging.
Since our coding style is entirely automated, the following are just
some details of the style we use:
* Indent with 4 spaces. (_no_ tabs).
* Have no space between the function name and the opening '('.
GOOD: g_strdup(x)
BAD: g_strdup (x)
- GOOD: `g_strdup(x)`
- BAD: `g_strdup (x)`
* C-style comments
GOOD: f(x); /* comment */
BAD: f(x); // comment
- GOOD: `f(x); /* comment */`
- BAD: `f(x); // comment`
* Keep assignments in the variable declaration area pretty short.
GOOD: MyObject *object;
BAD: MyObject *object = complex_and_long_init_function(arg1, arg2, arg3);
- GOOD: `MyObject *object;`
- BAD: `MyObject *object = complex_and_long_init_function(arg1, arg2, arg3);`
* 80-cols is a guideline, don't make the code uncomfortable in order to fit in
less than 80 cols.
* Constants are CAPS_WITH_UNDERSCORES and use the preprocessor.
GOOD: #define MY_CONSTANT 42
BAD: static const unsigned myConstant = 42;
- GOOD: `#define MY_CONSTANT 42`
- BAD: `static const unsigned myConstant = 42;`
......@@ -40,6 +51,8 @@ Note that all new contributions to NetworkManager MUST be made under terms of
LGPL-2.1+, that is also the case for parts that are currently licensed GPL-2.0+.
The reason for that is that we might eventually relicense everything as LGPL and
new contributions already must agree with that future change.
For more details see [](
Assertions in NetworkManager code
......@@ -125,15 +138,21 @@ The notes it are called "refs/notes/bugs".
So configure:
$ git config --add 'remote.origin.fetch' 'refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs'
$ git config --add 'notes.displayref' 'refs/notes/bugs'
$ git config --add 'remote.origin.fetch' 'refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs'
$ git config --add 'notes.displayref' 'refs/notes/bugs'
For example, set notes with
$ git notes --ref refs/notes/bugs add -m "(cherry picked from $COMMIT_SHA)" HEAD
$ git notes --ref refs/notes/bugs add -m "(cherry picked from $COMMIT_SHA)" HEAD
You should see the notes in git-log output as well.
To resync our local notes use:
$ git fetch origin refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs -f
$ git fetch origin refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs -f
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