Verified Commit 2899343b authored by Valentin David's avatar Valentin David Committed by Thomas Haller

build/docs: fix generated XML syntax in tools/

Class description may contains double quotes which is not valid as XML
attribute value.

[ adjust original patch to reformat code with python black]
[ adjusted patch during backport from nm-1-26 to nm-1-24]

(cherry picked from commit 54e25f23)
(cherry picked from commit 7d267731)
parent 5c50280b
Pipeline #207251 passed with stage
in 43 minutes and 41 seconds
......@@ -218,7 +218,14 @@ for settingxml in settings:
class_desc = get_docs(settingxml)
if class_desc is None:
raise Exception("%s needs a gtk-doc block with one-line description" %
outfile.write(" <setting name=\"%s\" description=\"%s\" name_upper=\"%s\" >\n" % (, class_desc, get_setting_name_define (settingxml)))
' <setting name="%s" description=%s name_upper="%s" >\n'
% (,
setting_properties = { prop for prop in GObject.list_properties(setting) if != 'name' }
if args.overrides is None:
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