Commit 27f3ebf7 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

tools: simplify symbol visiblity check script

Using nm is way simpler, and actually less error-prone.
parent 07db961a
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ so=$1
# Have to prefix with a tab and suffix with a ';' to match .ver file format
get_syms='( objdump -t "$so" | grep "^[^ ]* [^l.*]*[.]"; objdump -t "$so" | grep "^[^ ]* l[^.*]*\.text[^_]*nm_" | grep -v "_init"; ) | sed "s/.* //" | sed "s/^/\t/" | sed "s/$/;/"'
get_syms='nm "$so" | grep "^[[:xdigit:]]\+ T " | sed "s/^[[:xdigit:]]\+ T //" | sed "s/^/\t/" | sed "s/$/;/"'
echo $so: checking exported symbols against $def
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