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......@@ -118,3 +118,28 @@ For testing, you also want to run NetworkManager with environment variable
G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings to crash upon G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL and G_LOG_LEVEL_WARNING
g_log() message. NetworkManager won't use these levels for regular logging
but for assertions.
Git Notes (refs/notes/bugs)
There are special notes to annotate git commit messages with information
about "Fixes" and "cherry picked from". Annotating the history is useful
if it was not done initially because our scripts can make use of it.
The notes it are called "refs/notes/bugs".
So configure:
$ git config --add 'remote.origin.fetch' 'refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs'
$ git config --add 'notes.displayref' 'refs/notes/bugs'
For example, set notes with
$ git notes --ref refs/notes/bugs add -m "(cherry picked from $COMMIT_SHA)" HEAD
You should see the notes in git-log output as well.
To resync our local notes use:
$ git fetch origin refs/notes/bugs:refs/notes/bugs -f
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