Commit 205bb86e authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

active-connection: log lifetime of NMActiveConenction

parent 97c971b4
......@@ -734,8 +734,12 @@ nm_active_connection_init (NMActiveConnection *self)
static void
constructed (GObject *object)
NMActiveConnection *self = (NMActiveConnection *) object;
G_OBJECT_CLASS (nm_active_connection_parent_class)->constructed (object);
g_assert (NM_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_GET_PRIVATE (object)->subject);
_LOGD ("constructed (%s)", G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (self));
static void
......@@ -887,6 +891,8 @@ dispose (GObject *object)
NMActiveConnection *self = NM_ACTIVE_CONNECTION (object);
NMActiveConnectionPrivate *priv = NM_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_GET_PRIVATE (self);
_LOGD ("disposing");
if (priv->chain) {
nm_auth_chain_unref (priv->chain);
priv->chain = NULL;
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