Commit 1fcb9d6d authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship
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libnm-glib: fix nm_device_check_connection_compatible()

Set the GError when nm_device_check_connection_compatible() fails
because of interface_name mismatch.
parent 6fac44b8
......@@ -1463,8 +1463,12 @@ check_connection_compatible (NMDevice *device,
config_iface = nm_setting_connection_get_interface_name (s_con);
device_iface = nm_device_get_iface (device);
if (config_iface && strcmp (config_iface, device_iface) != 0)
if (config_iface && strcmp (config_iface, device_iface) != 0) {
g_set_error (error,
"The connection is not valid for this interface.");
return FALSE;
return TRUE;
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