Commit 199f2df5 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

manager: convert hwaddr to binary once in find_device_by_permanent_hw_addr()

For comparing MAC addresses, they anyway have to be normalized
to binary. Convert it once outside the loop and pass the binary
form to nm_utils_hwaddr_matches(). Otherwise, we need to re-convert
it every time.
parent 4a705e1a
......@@ -960,16 +960,18 @@ find_device_by_permanent_hw_addr (NMManager *self, const char *hwaddr)
NMManagerPrivate *priv = NM_MANAGER_GET_PRIVATE (self);
NMDevice *device;
const char *device_addr;
guint8 hwaddr_bin[NM_UTILS_HWADDR_LEN_MAX];
gsize hwaddr_len;
g_return_val_if_fail (hwaddr != NULL, NULL);
if (!nm_utils_hwaddr_valid (hwaddr, -1))
if (!_nm_utils_hwaddr_aton (hwaddr, hwaddr_bin, sizeof (hwaddr_bin), &hwaddr_len))
return NULL;
c_list_for_each_entry (device, &priv->devices_lst_head, devices_lst) {
device_addr = nm_device_get_permanent_hw_address (device);
if ( device_addr
&& nm_utils_hwaddr_matches (hwaddr, -1, device_addr, -1))
&& nm_utils_hwaddr_matches (hwaddr_bin, hwaddr_len, device_addr, -1))
return device;
return NULL;
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