Commit 191054f4 authored by Francesco Giudici's avatar Francesco Giudici Committed by Lubomir Rintel

dhcp/internal: make default dhcp-client-id based on systemd DUID-EN

For RHEL-7 we want to stick to the legacy behavior of the internal
dhcp client: the default dhcp-client-id is based on systemd DUID-EN.

This reverts commit cfd696cc.
parent d598c0d5
......@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ client_start (NMDhcpManager *self,
* - for IPv4, the calling code may determine a client-id (from NM's connection profile).
* If present, it is taken. If not present, the DHCP plugin uses a plugin specific default.
* - for "internal" plugin, the default is just "mac".
* - for "internal" plugin, the default is just "duid".
* - for "dhclient", we try to get the configuration from dhclient's /etc/dhcp or fallback
* to whatever dhclient uses by default.
* We do it this way, because for dhclient the user may configure a default
......@@ -750,7 +750,8 @@ ip4_start (NMDhcpClient *client,
client_id = nm_dhcp_client_get_client_id (client);
if (!client_id) {
client_id_new = nm_utils_dhcp_client_id_mac (arp_type, hwaddr_arr, hwaddr_len);
client_id_new = nm_utils_dhcp_client_id_systemd_node_specific (TRUE,
nm_dhcp_client_get_iface (client));
client_id = client_id_new;
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