Commit 190d8aa8 authored by Tim Lunn's avatar Tim Lunn Committed by Dan Winship
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build: fix session tracking for systemd in
parent 34c88dd8
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ AS_IF([! (echo "$with_session_tracking" | grep -q -E "^(systemd|consolekit|no)$"
AC_MSG_ERROR([--with-session-tracking must be systemd/consolekit/no, not $with_session_tracking]))
# add conditionals and subtitutions
AM_CONDITIONAL(SESSION_TRACKING_CK, test "$with_session_tracking" = "consolekit")
AM_CONDITIONAL(SESSION_TRACKING_SYSTEMD, test "xwith_session_tracking" = "systemd")
AM_CONDITIONAL(SESSION_TRACKING_SYSTEMD, test "$with_session_tracking" = "systemd")
if test "$with_session_tracking" = "systemd"; then
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