Commit 1056408f authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš

cli: use nmc_readline_echo() for asking password in 'nmcli dev wifi connect'

parent 02388060
......@@ -2762,7 +2762,7 @@ do_device_wifi_connect_network (NmCli *nmc, int argc, char **argv)
if (ap_flags & NM_802_11_AP_FLAGS_PRIVACY) {
/* Ask for missing password when one is expected and '--ask' is used */
if (!password && nmc->ask)
password = passwd_ask = nmc_readline (_("Password: "));
password = passwd_ask = nmc_readline_echo (nmc->show_secrets, _("Password: "));
if (password) {
if (!connection)
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