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man: add a Team example to nmcli-examples manual page

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......@@ -190,6 +190,34 @@ $ nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname eth2 master mybond0
<example><title>Adding a team master and two slave connection profiles</title>
<programlisting><emphasis role="bold">
$ nmcli con add type team con-name Team1 ifname Team1 config team1-master-json.conf
$ nmcli con add type team-slave con-name Team1-slave1 ifname em1 master Team1
$ nmcli con add type team-slave con-name Team1-slave2 ifname em2 master Team1
This example demonstrates adding a team master connection profile and two slaves. It is
very similar to the bonding example. The first command adds a master team profile, naming
the team interface and the profile <emphasis>Team1</emphasis>. The team configuration
for the master is read from <emphasis>team1-master-json.conf</emphasis> file. Later, you can
change the configuration with <emphasis>modify</emphasis> command
(<emphasis role="bold">nmcli con modify Team1 team.config team1-master-another-json.conf</emphasis>).
The last two commands add slaves profiles, both enslaved to <emphasis>Team1</emphasis>.
The first slave will be bound to <emphasis>em1</emphasis> interface, the second to
<emphasis>em2</emphasis>. The slaves don't specify <emphasis>config</emphasis> and thus
<emphasis>teamd</emphasis> will use its default configuration. You will activate the whole setup
by activating both slaves:
<programlisting><emphasis role="bold">
$ nmcli con add up Team1-slave1
$ nmcli con add up Team1-slave2
By default, the created profiles are marked for auto-activation. But if another
connection has been activated on the device, the new profile won't activate
automatically and you need to activate it manually.
<example><title>Adding an ethernet connection profile with manual IP configuration</title>
<emphasis role="bold">
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