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......@@ -4,20 +4,14 @@ Guidelines for Contributing
Coding Standard
Coding standards are generally GNOME coding standards, with these exceptions:
a) 4 space tabs (_not_ 8-space tabs)
b) REAL tabs (_not_ a mix of tabs and spaces in the initial indent)
c) spaces used to align continuation lines past the indent point of the
first statement line, like so:
if ( some_really_really_long_variable_name
&& another_really_really_long_variable_name) {
* Keep a space between the function name and the opening '('.
GOOD: g_strdup (x)
BAD: g_strdup(x)
* The formatting uses clang-format with clang 11.0. Run
`./contrib/scripts/ -i` to reformat.
* Indent with 4 spaces. (_no_ tabs).
* Have no space between the function name and the opening '('.
GOOD: g_strdup(x)
BAD: g_strdup (x)
* C-style comments
GOOD: f(x); /* comment */
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