Commit 06252c98 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

lldp: handle NULL values in lldp_neighbor_id_hash()

g_str_hash() can not be called with NULL. Ensure that we don't crash.
Thereby, refactor the hashing algorithm because the chassis-id and
port-id are small numbers and xor-ing can cancel them easily.
parent c130a3b3
......@@ -126,11 +126,13 @@ static guint
lldp_neighbor_id_hash (gconstpointer ptr)
const LLDPNeighbor *neigh = ptr;
guint hash;
return g_str_hash (neigh->chassis_id) ^
g_str_hash (neigh->port_id) ^
neigh->chassis_id_type ^
(neigh->port_id_type * 33);
hash = 23423423u + ((guint) (neigh->chassis_id ? g_str_hash (neigh->chassis_id) : 12321u));
hash = (hash * 33u) + ((guint) (neigh->port_id ? g_str_hash (neigh->port_id) : 34342343u));
hash = (hash * 33u) + ((guint) neigh->chassis_id_type);
hash = (hash * 33u) + ((guint) neigh->port_id_type);
return hash;
static gboolean
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