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    libnmc-base: don't set DNS priority when importing Wireguard connections · c447a488
    Michael Catanzaro authored
    This is actually trying *too* hard to prevent DNS leaks, breaking normal
    expected use of split DNS. Let systemd-resolved handle sending our DNS
    queries to the right place instead.
    It's true that NetworkManager is trying to emulate the behavior of
    wg-quick here, and wg-quick uses 'resolvconf -x' to attempt to set
    "exclusive" DNS. But with systemd-resolved this is implemented by
    setting a ~. routing domain for the Wireguard interface. That is a
    *really* big hammer already, since Domain=~. overrides +DefaultRoute,
    ensuring most DNS queries can only go to other interfaces with Domain=~.
    NetworkManager follows systemd-resolved's recommended convention by only
    applying Domain=~. to other "privacy VPNs" since 1.26.6. Setting DNS
    priority only prevents *domain-specific* "leaks", which are almost
    always desired. For example, it prevents using both the Wireguard VPN
    and a corporate VPN at the same time.
    Note that all of the justification behind !688 applies here as well.
    See-also: !688