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    all: add src/nm-compat-headers for patching included system headers · 231671fd
    Thomas Haller authored
    We already have src/linux-headers, where we have complete copies of linux
    user space headers. Of course that exists, because we want to use certain
    features and don't depend on the installed kernel headers. Which works
    well, because kernel user space API is stable, and we anyway want to
    support compiling against a newer kernel and run against an older (e.g.
    in a container). So having our copy of newer kernel headers is merely
    as if we compiled against as newer kernel.
    Add "src/nm-compat-headers" which has a similar purpose, but a different
    approach. Instead of replacing the included header entirely, include
    the system header and patch it with #define.
    Use this for "linux/if_addr.h". Of course, the approach here is that we
    no longer include <linux/if_addr.h> directly, but instead include