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    dns: fix shutdown to restore non-cached DNS config · ecd3263e
    Thomas Haller authored
    The DNS manager and other singletons have the problem that
    they are not properly destroyed on exit, that is, we leak
    most of the instances. That should be eventually fixed and
    all resources/memory should be released.
    Anyway, fix the shutdown procedure by adding an explict command
    nm_dns_manager_shutdown(). We should not rely on cleanup actions
    to take place when the last reference is dropped, because then
    we get complex interactions where we must ensure that everybody
    drops the references at the right pointer.
    Since the previous shutdown action was effectively never performed,
    it is not quite clear what we actually want to do on shutdown.
    For now, move the code to nm_dns_manager_stop(). We will see if
    that is the desired behavior.
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