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    config: refactor change-flags to be a cause/reason which triggered the change · eb6140a7
    Thomas Haller authored
    For the most part, this patch just renames some change-flags, but
    doesn't change much about them. The new name should better express
    what they are.
    A config-change signal can be emitted for different reasons:
    when we receive a signal (SIGHUP, SIGUSR1, SIGUSR2) or for internal
    reasons like resetting of no-auto-default or setting internal
    Depending on the reason, we want to perform different actions.
    For example:
     - we reload the configuration from disk on SIGHUP, but not for
     - For SIGUSR1 and SIGHUP, we want to update-dns, but not for SIGUSR2.
    Another part of the change-flags encodes which part of the configuration
    actually changed. Often, these parts can only change when re-reading
    from disk (e.g. a SIGUSR1 will not change any configuration inside
    Later, we will have more causes, and accordingly more fine-grained
    effects of what should be done on reload.
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