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    build: don't add systemd path the include search path · e3a072f3
    Thomas Haller authored
    Our internal copy of systemd should not be in the search path.
    Instead, let users only
      #include "systemd/nm-sd.h"
    which then includes everything from systemd that we need.
    We want to avoid to accidentally include anything from our
    systemd-copy. Any user of that should only include "nm-sd.h",
    which then includes everything that is needed further.
    For example, "src/devices/wwan/nm-modem-manager.c" has
      #include <systemd/nm-daemon.h>
    which in turn includes
      #include "_sd-common.h"
    This works all correctly before, because #include "" will first
    look in the directory where sd-daemon.h is. However, our mixing of
    external systemd library and internal copy is rather dangerous.
    Try to avoid it further by keeping the include paths clean.
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