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    libnm, cli, ifcfg-rh: add NMSettingEthtool setting · df30651b
    Thomas Haller authored
    Note that in NetworkManager API (D-Bus, libnm, and nmcli),
    the features are called "feature-xyz". The "feature-" prefix
    is used, because NMSettingEthtool possibly will gain support
    for options that are not only -K|--offload|--features, for
    example -C|--coalesce.
    The "xzy" suffix is either how ethtool utility calls the feature
    ("tso", "rx"). Or, if ethtool utility specifies no alias for that
    feature, it's the name from kernel's ETH_SS_FEATURES ("tx-tcp6-segmentation").
    If possible, we prefer ethtool utility's naming.
    Also note, how the features "feature-sg", "feature-tso", and
    "feature-tx" actually refer to multiple underlying kernel features
    at once. This too follows what ethtool utility does.
    The functionality is not yet implemented server-side.
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