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    ifcfg-rh: change the handling of REORDER_HDR flag · 2e5e7285
    Beniamino Galvani authored
    On NM 1.0 connections were created by default without the REORDER_HDR
    flag, but then due to a bug in platform code (fixed in [1]), the
    kernel interface always had the flag set.
    Now that the setting is honored, users upgrading to the new version of
    NM will see a change from the previous behavior, since interfaces will
    not have REORDER_HDR and this will certainly break functionality.
    The only solution here seems to be to ignore the REORDER_HDR variable
    in ifcfg files (since it never had any effect) and introduce a new
    NO_REORDER_HDR option for the VLAN_FLAGS variable which allows to turn
    the flag off. The consequence is that the flag will be set for all old
    This change introduces an incompatibility with initscripts, however is
    necessary to avoid breaking user functionality upon upgrade.
    Connections created through NetworkManager will still be parsed
    correctly by initscripts (since we always write the REORDER_HDR
    [1] db62fc9d ("platform: fix adding VLAN flags")
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