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    libnm-core, libnm, core: add AddressData and RouteData properties · d16905df
    Dan Winship authored
    Add AddressData and RouteData properties to NMSettingIPConfig and
    NMIP[46]Config. These are like the existing "addresses" and "routes"
    properties, but using strings and containing additional attributes,
    like NMIPAddress and NMIPRoute.
    This only affects the D-Bus representations; there are no API changes
    to NMSettingIP{,4,6}Config or NMIP{4,6}Config as a result of this; the
    additional information is just added to the existing 'addresses' and
    'routes' properties.
    NMSettingIP4Config and NMSettingIP6Config now always generate both
    old-style data ('addresses', 'address-labels', 'routes') and new-style
    data ('address-data', 'gateway', 'route-data') when serializing to
    D-Bus, for backward compatibility. When deserializing, they will fill
    in the 'addresses' and 'routes' properties from the new-style data if
    it is present (ignoring the old-style data), or from the old-style
    data if the new-style isn't present.
    The daemon-side NMIP4Config and NMIP6Config always emit changes for
    both 'Addresses'/'Routes' and 'AddressData'/'RouteData'. The
    libnm-side classes initially listen for changes on both properties,
    but start ignoring the 'Addresses' and 'Routes' properties once they
    know the daemon is also providing 'AddressData' and 'RouteData'.
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