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    2004-08-11 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · d06aa3e6
    Dan Williams authored
    	* info-daemon/NetworkManagerInfo.c:
    		- (main): clean up Seth's code style
    	* info-daemon/NetworkManagerInfoDbus.c:
    		- Use the more aptly-named path/service/interface constants from NetworkManager
    		- Don't return empty strings ("") as object paths ever, instead return errors
    	* panel-applet/NMWirelessApplet.c:
    		- Clean up Seth's code style
    	* src/NetworkManager.[ch]
    		- (nm_remove_device_from_list): remove anything having to do with pending_device
    		- (main, nm_print_usage): change --daemon=[yes|no] -> --no-daemon
    	* src/NetworkManagerAPList.[ch]
    		- Move Iter struct right above the iter functions to preserve opacity
    		- (nm_ap_list_remove_ap): implement
    		- (nm_ap_list_update_network): deal with errors returned from nm_dbus_get_network_priority(),
    			remove AP if NetworkManagerInfo doesn't know anything about it
    		- (nm_ap_list_diff): user NMAPList iterators
    		- (nm_ap_list_print_members): implement debugging function
    	* src/NetworkManagerDbus.[ch]
    		- (nm_dbus_nm_get_active_device): remove anything to do with pending_device
    		- (nm_dbus_get_user_key_for_network): remove DBusPendingCall stuff (unused),
    			and move the actual key setting stuff into NetworkManagerDevice.c
    		- (nm_dbus_get_network_priority): return -1 now on errors
    		- (nm_dbus_nmi_filter): fix strcmp() error that caused PreferredNetworkUpdate signals to
    			get lost, and force the active device to update its "best" ap when AP lists change
    		- (nm_dbus_nm_message_handler): Update conditions for returning "connecting" for a "status"
    			method call due to pending_device member removal
    	* src/NetworkManagerDevice.[ch]
    		- Move NMDevice structure to the top
    		- Add a wireless scan mutex and a best_ap mutex to the Wireless Options structure
    		- Remove Pending Action stuff from everywhere
    		- (nm_device_activation_*): We now "begin" activation and start a thread to do the
    			activation for us.  This thread blocks until all conditions for activation have
    			been met (ie for wireless devices, we need a valid WEP key and a "best" ap), and
    			then setup up the interface and runs dhclient.  We have to do this because there
    			is no guaruntee how long dhclient takes, and while we are blocking on it, we cannot
    			run our main loop and respond to dbus method calls or HAL device removals/inserts
    		- (nm_device_set_user_key_for_network): Move logic here from NetworkManagerDbus.c so we
    			can tell nm_device_activation_worker() that we've got a key
    		- (nm_device_*_best_ap): lock access to best_ap member of Wireless Options structure
    		- (nm_device_get_path_for_ap): dumb it down so the list doesn't lock against itself when
    			diffing (AP appear/disappear signal functions make sure the AP is actually in the device's
    		- (nm_device_update_best_ap): move logic from nm_wireless_is_ap_better() here
    	* src/NetworkManagerPolicy.c
    		- Remove anything to do with pending_device
    		- Adjust device activation to deal with activation-in-worker-thread
    	* src/NetworkManagerUtils.c
    		- Clean up locking debugging a bit
    	* src/NetworkManagerWireless.[ch]
    		- (nm_wireless_is_ap_better): remove, stick logic in nm_device_update_best_ap().  This function
    			was badly named and is better as a device function
    	* panel-applet/.cvsignore: add
    git-svn-id: http://svn-archive.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/trunk@46 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc