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    core: make dad_counter argument guint32 type · cfd8cf54
    Thomas Haller authored
    The dad_counter is hashed into the resulting address. Since we
    want the hashing to be independent of the architecture, we always
    hash 32 bit of dad_counter. Make the dad_counter argument of
    type guint32 for consistency.
    In practice this has no effect because:
      - for all our (current!) architectues, guint is the same as
      - all callers of nm_utils_ipv6_addr_set_stable_privacy() keep
        their dad-counter argument as guint8, so they never even pass
        numbers larger then 255.
      - nm_utils_ipv6_addr_set_stable_privacy() limits dad_counter
        further against RFC7217_IDGEN_RETRIES.
    (cherry picked from commit 951e5f5b)
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