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    libnm-core: drop the ability to verify settings from property overrides · c4716508
    Dan Winship authored
    It needs to be possible to deserialize a connection hash into an
    invalid NMConnection; in particular, AddAndActivateConnection()
    explicitly allows this.
    Previously, the SetFunc and NotSetFunc passed to
    _nm_setting_class_override_property() could return a verification
    error immediately, but this functionality has to go away if we're
    going to be able to deserialize invalid connections.
    That functionality was only used in the handling of invalid virtual
    interface names; reorganize how that code works so that
    NMSettingConnection does all of the verification itself. (The code to
    make sure that it returned the "correct" error domain in that case
    turned out to be irrelevant, since the setting error domains don't get
    serialized over D-Bus correctly anyway.)
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