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    Revert "platform: add bpf filter to ignore routes from routing daemons" · c37a21ea
    Thomas Haller authored
    The socket BPF filter operates on the entire message (skb). One netlink
    message (for RTM_NEWROUTE) usually contains a list of routes (struct
    nlmsghdr), but the BPF filter was only looking at the first route to decide
    whether to throw away the entire message. That is wrong.
    This causes that we miss routes. It also means that the response to our
    RTM_GETROUTE dump request could be filtered and we poll/wait (unsuccessfully)
    for it:
      <trace> [1641829930.4111] platform-linux: netlink: read: wait for ACK for sequence number 26...
    To get this right, the BPF filter would have to look at all routes in the
    list to find out whether there are any we want to receive (and if
    there are any, to pass the entire message, regardless that is might also
    contain routes we want to ignore). As BPF does not support loops, that
    is not trivial. Arguably, we still could do something where we look at a
    bounded, unrolled number of routes, in the hope that there are not more
    routes in one message that we support. The problem is that this BPF
    filter is supposed to filter out massive amounts of routes, so most
    messages will be filled to the brim with routes and we would have to
    expect a high number of routes in the RTM_NEWROUTE that need checking.
    We could still ignore routes in _new_from_nl_route(), to enter the
    cache. That means, we would catch them later than with the BPF filter,
    but still before a lot of the overhead of handling them. That probably
    will be done next, but for now revert the commit.
    This reverts commit e9ca5583.