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    core: track external activations types in the active-connection · bed2fa1b
    Thomas Haller authored
    We need a distinction between external activations and assuming
    connections. The former shall have the meaning of devices that are
    *not* managed by NetworkManager, the latter are configurations that
    are gracefully taken over after restart (but fully managed).
    Express that in the activation-type of the active connection.
    Also, no longer use the settings NM_SETTINGS_CONNECTION_FLAGS_VOLATILE
    flag to determine whether an assumed connection is "external". These
    concepts are entirely orthogonal (although in pratice, external
    activations are in-memory and flagged as volatile, but the inverse
    is not necessarily true).
    Also change match_connection_filter() to consider all connections.
    Later, we only call nm_utils_match_connection() for the connection
    we want to assume -- which will be a regular settings connection,
    not a generated one.
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