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    core: rework tracking config in dns-manager to use ifindex · b40729ca
    Thomas Haller authored
    Don't track the per-device configuration in NMDnsManager by
    the ifname, but by the ifindex. We should consistently treat
    the ifindex as the ID of a link, like kernel does.
    At the few places where we actually need the ifname, resolve
    it by looking into the platform cache. That is not necessarily
    the same as the ifname that is currently tracked by NMDevice,
    because netdev interfaces can be renamed, and NMDevice updates
    it's link properties delayed. However, the platform cache has
    the most recent notion of the correct interface name for an
    ifindex, so if we ever hit a race here, we do it now more
    This also temporarily drops support for mdns. Will be re-added next,
    but differently.
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