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    build/meson: increase timeouts for some tests · b1f6d53b
    Thomas Haller authored
    The defaults for test timeouts in meson is 30 seconds. That is not long
    enough when running
      $ NMTST_USE_VALGRIND=1 ninja -C build test
    Note that meson supports --timeout-multiplier, and automatically
    increases the timeout when running under valgrind. However, meson
    does not understand that we are running tests under valgrind via
    NMTST_USE_VALGRIND=1 environment variable.
    Timeouts are really not expected to be reached and are a mean of last
    resort. Hence, increasing the timeout to a large value is likely to
    have no effect or to fix test failures where the timeout was too rigid.
    It's unlikely that the test indeed hangs and the increase of timeout
    causes a unnecessary increase of waittime before aborting.
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