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    libnm-core: add nm-core-types.h, remove cross-includes · b1087908
    Dan Winship authored
    Add nm-core-types.h, typedefing all of the GObject types in
    libnm-core; this is needed so that nm-setting.h can reference
    NMConnection in addition to nm-connection.h referencing NMSetting.
    Removing the cross-includes from the various headers causes lots of
    fallout elsewhere. (In particular, nm-utils.h used to include
    nm-connection.h, which included every setting header, so any file that
    included nm-utils.h automatically got most of the rest of libnm-core
    without needing to pay attention to specifics.) Fix this up by
    including nm-core-internal.h from those files that are now missing
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