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    build: fix gtk-doc/introspection handling for build · a80ba4ea
    Thomas Haller authored
    - `make dist` requires --enable-gtk-doc --enable-introspection --with-libnm-glib
    - --enable-gtk-doc requires --enable-introspection
    - --with-nmcli requires either --enable-introspection or pregenerated
       settings-docs.c files from the dist tarball. It does not require
    There is a bit of a problem in that --enable-introspection requires
    now xsltproc. However, gobject-introspection does itself not depend
    on xsltproc. So, more correct might be a special --enable-doc argument,
    that combines --enable-introspection --with-xsltproc. Anyway, that
    seems to make it more complicated then it already is so just implicitly
    (and surprisingly?) require xsltproc with --enable-introspection.
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