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    core: rename "nm-bus-manager.h" to "nm-dbus-manager.h" · a1f37964
    Thomas Haller authored
    The next commit will completely rework NMBusManager and replace
    NMExportedObject by a new type NMDBusObject.
    Originally, NMDBusObject was added along NMExportedObject to ease
    the rework and have compilable, intermediate stages of refactoring. Now,
    I think the new name is better, because NMDBusObject is very strongly related
    to the bus manager and the old name NMExportedObject didn't make that
    I also slighly prefer the name NMDBusObject over NMBusObject, hence
    for consistancy, also rename NMBusManager to NMDBusManager.
    This commit only renames the file for a nicer diff in the next commit.
    It does not actually update the type name in sources. That will be done
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