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    2005-01-21 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · 9e154261
    Dan Williams authored
    	* Cache last-known-good wireless authentication method in
    		NetworkManagerInfo, and use that method first during
    		wireless device activation.  Should speed up devices that
    		need Shared Key authentication method since Open System is
    		now the default.
    	* Remove the hack to not do full activation on wired connections
    		that are active when we launch, it causes too many problems
    		with name resolution and was a hack in the first place.
    	* Re-work wireless device activation again somewhat to have a
    		clearer chain of events and to use last-known-good
    		authentication method of the access point.  Also provide
    		better status throughout activation to ensure the applet
    		can tell the user exactly what's going on.
    	* Remove the "find wireless network" code and now simply attempt
    		to activate with that access point.  This reduces the delay
    		between selecting "Other wireless Network" and actually
    		connecting to that network.
    	* Correctly stop the device's worker thread when its removed.
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