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    tests: ignore valgrind warning about unhandled syscalls · 8fb90c00
    Thomas Haller authored
    On Fedora rawhide (34), valgrind gives a lot of warnings like:
        ./src/platform/tests/test-cleanup-linux.valgrind-log:--48279-- WARNING: unhandled amd64-linux syscall: 439
        ./src/platform/tests/test-cleanup-linux.valgrind-log:--48279-- You may be able to write your own handler.
        ./src/platform/tests/test-cleanup-linux.valgrind-log:--48279-- Read the file README_MISSING_SYSCALL_OR_IOCTL.
        ./src/platform/tests/test-cleanup-linux.valgrind-log:--48279-- Nevertheless we consider this a bug.  Please report
        ./src/platform/tests/test-cleanup-linux.valgrind-log:--48279-- it at http://valgrind.org/support/bug_reports.html.
    Ignore them.
    (cherry picked from commit 2cb40f6e)
    (cherry picked from commit 561bd7bb)
    (cherry picked from commit 09b5a72b)
    (cherry picked from commit e8155929)
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