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    libnm-util: add new compare flags for ignoring various types of secrets · 864db9f9
    Dan Williams authored
    It turns out we need a way to ignore transient (agent-owned or unsaved)
    secrets during connection comparison.  For example, if the user is
    connecting to a network where the password is not saved, other
    changes could trigger a writeout of that connection to disk when
    connecting, which would the connection back in due to inotify, and the
    re-read connection would then no longer be recognized as the same as
    the in-memory connection due to the transient secret which obviously
    wasn't read in from disk.
    Adding these compare flags allows the code to not bother writing the
    connection out to disk when the only difference between the on-disk
    and in-memory connections are secrets that shouldn't get written to
    disk anyway.
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