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    2004-07-27 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · 814cfbc5
    Dan Williams authored
    	* src/NetworkManagerAPList.[ch]
    		- Add.  Deal with allowed network list additions, deletions, and updates
    	* dispatcher-daemon/NetworkManagerDispatcher.c
    		- Add missing <dbus/dbus.h> header
    	* info-daemon/NetworkManagerInfo.[ch]
    		- Add missing <dbus/dbus.h> header
    		- Implement the GConf notify callback to signal NetworkManager of an allowed
    			network change
    		- Better error checking
    	* info-daemon/NetworkManagerInfoDbus.[ch]
    		- Add missing <dbus/dbus.h> header
    		- Convert to using dbus_message_append_args/dbus_message_get_args
    		- Implement nmi_dbus_signal_update_allowed_network() to signal NetworkManager
    			that an allowed network changed.  We don't want to signal on individual
    			keys _inside_ an allowed network really, just want NM to query the info
    			daemon for updated info on all keys.
    		- Better error checking
    	* src/NetworkManager.[ch]
    		- Add missing <dbus/dbus.h> header
    		- Move allowed_ap_list free functions to NetworkManagerAPList.[ch]
    		- Zero out NMData structure on free
    		- No longer use a thread for allowed_ap_list updating, instead its now done
    			through dbus queries against NetworkManagerInfo
    		- Populate allowed_ap_list initially before adding existing network devices
    			to the device list, so wireless devices can get their "best" AP
    	* src/NetworkManagerDbus.[ch]
    		- Convert to using dbus_message_append_args/dbus_message_get_args
    		- Better error checking
    		- Implement Allowed Network info functions to request allowed network
    			info from NetworkManagerInfo
    		- Implement the filter function to process signals from NetworkManagerInfo
    			about changing allowed networks
    	* src/NetworkManagerDevice.c
    		- Fix file descriptor leak in nm_device_update_ip4_address()
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