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    Squashed 'shared/n-acd/' changes from a68b55992..a40949267 · 1361ede0
    Beniamino Galvani authored
    a40949267 build: add CI run without ebpf
    044db2056 n-acd: drop redundant headers
    6a391cd83 n-acd: fix build without eBPF
    bb194cf09 n-acd/config: make transport mandatory
    ec2865743 build: drop unused c-sundry
    721d9d84f n-acd: inline c_container_of()
    1a7ee317c util/timer: fix coding-style
    6c96f926b util/timer: fall back to CLOCK_MONOTONIC if necessary
    4ea3165fc n-acd: only use CLOCK_BOOTTIME if really necessary
    c1b853c6c util/timer: cleanup headers
    b1d6ad272 n-acd: add destructors that return void
    185be55b6 test-bpf: skip test in case of unsufficient privs
    84a40e8fa build: add NEWS file
    bf11443ff build: mention mailinglist in readme
    e2797984a test-bpf: drop bpf-filter.h
    668ed3c82 subprojects: pull in updates
    dd8cab3f0 test-veth: reduce parallel execution to 9
    68b09ba2b build: update AUTHORS
    3f77e3e88 test: make function headers valid C
    5275a5120 test: get rid of spurious tab
    037df412c n-acd: make struct initializers valid C
    346ec0c67 build: upgrade CI
    38682a36d n-acd: fix signed vs unsigned comparison
    5e7578b33 bpf: properly zero out trailing bpf_attr space
    ee1e432ae probe: fix coding-style
    a143540f9 build: use lower-case build options
    835533e7d build: minor style fixes
    2bd6d1d29 build: get rid of tabs
    b14979934 eBPF: make compile-time optional
    6f13c27ee n-acd: filter out invalid packets
    4e6a169a0 build: sync with c-util repositories
    6c4a9117b build: document eBPF kernel requirement
    3ef08394d n-acd: don't remember dropped defense attempts
    4dff8771f n-acd: fix coding-style
    b11fb9706 n-acd/config: default to the RFC-specified timeout
    d885bb3b7 n-acd/event: don't expose the type of operation that caused a conflict
    e2f87e047 TODO: drop remaining items
    f06993856 test/veth: reduce the number of probed addresses
    8b4f7ed64 test/veth: bump the timeout a bit
    14e4606f6 n-acd/probe: don't cap the jitter at 4s
    a0247b86f test/veth: fix stackvariable corruption
    a64ac8389 n-acd/probe: update comments
    aa9c25bc1 n-acd/handle_timeout: update comments
    b6c2df3a9 timer: rename timer_pop() to timer_pop_timeout()
    47c657a8d test: fix handling of child addresses
    27168ba9e timer: move timer_read() from n-acd.c to util/timer.c
    21a1e37aa timer: require timer to be explicitly rearmed
    ee1080820 bpf/map: make key/value sizes self-documenting
    fd444353e test/veth: rework test
    ba2bc433c test: rework child_ip() helper
    07881b8da test: silence a warning
    38da00b0a test/bpf: make tests for map modifications more comprehensive
    6a2ffd23a test/timerfd: for documentation purposes verify the kernel API
    01a9cf54b probe: move from ms to ns internally
    4fe438dd9 n-acd: move to use the Timer utility library
    e098cfc79 util: add a timer utility helper
    8ea196e5b subprojects: pull in c-sundry
    0c0b3c29f acd/probe: do not subscribe to packets in FAILED state
    9c922ea3d acd/probe: introduce probe_{un,}link() helpers
    024a830e6 acd/probe: use unschedule() helper in free()
    b098a3bcc tests/veth: minor fixes to the test
    fe3d9578a acd/packet: consider unexpected packets a fatal error
    34d7656d7 acd: stop state-machine after USED or CONFLICT events
    7d9e5ec6b acd: don't declare iovec entries inline
    7afd8d8a3 tests: add veth test
    26a737b42 tests/veth: add helper for adding IP addresses to child device
    e73a37a11 probe: store a userdata pointer in the probe object
    327e82625 test: introduce loopback helper
    0682b15f8 acd: reduce default map size
    afead881f tests: reinstate loopback test
    4527d2f71 BPF: move and document the eBPF helpers
    88bacc022 socket filter: move to the new eBPF helpers
    245104d5c tests: skip tests if lacking permissions
    195d9ff5a n-acd: rework API to support many probes on a context
    ab440eb99 eBPF: never return packets that userspace should unconditionally drop
    ac933f412 eBPF: add eBPF helper functions
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