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    ifcfg-rh: rework parsing secrets · 6b763af1
    Thomas Haller authored
    - rename secret related functions to have a "_secret" prefix.
      Also, rename read_8021x_password() because it's not only useful
      for 802-1x.
    - In particular, this patch adds _secret_read_ifcfg() helper (formerly
      read_8021x_password()), which is smart enough to obtain secrets from
      the keys ifcfg file. We have other places where we don't get this
    - on a minor note, the patch also makes an effort to clear passwords
      and certifcate data from memory. Yes, there are countless places
      where we don't do that, but in this case, it's done and is as simple
      as replacing gs_free with nm_auto_free_secret, etc.
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