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    ifnet: track connections by UUID not conf.d net connection name · 689dadaf
    Dan Williams authored
    We'll need this for later with unsaved connections.  The ifnet
    plugin previously tracked connections by the "conn_name" which
    was derived from keys in the /etc/conf.d/net file.  These keys
    take two forms:
    1) interface name
    2) wifi SSID, either text or hex-encoded:
    The conf.d net connection name is apparently usually an interface
    name, so when writing to /etc/conf.d/net the NM connection name is
    changed from eg "Ethernet connection 1" to the next available
    interface name based on the type of connection, eg "eth0".
    The ifnet plugin actively removed connections that were not present
    in /etc/conf.d/net during the reload_connections() call, but in the
    future we'll want to allow unsaved connections which in the case of
    ifnet clearly won't yet be written to the file.  Since only
    connections written to the file have a "conn_name", tracking
    connections by conn_name no longer works.
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