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    core: nm-ip4-config: consider dns-related differences as relevant · 6169cd57
    Beniamino Galvani authored
    The DNS manager reacts to NM_DEVICE_IP4_CONFIG_CHANGED events, which
    are generated when there is a relevant change to an IP4 configuration.
    Until now, changes to the mdns,llmnr properties were not
    considered relevant (and neither minor, this is already a bug).
    Promote them to relevant so that the DNS manager is notified and will
    rewrite the DNS configuration when one of this properties changes.
    Note that the DNS priority should be considered relevant and added
    into the checksum as well, but is a problem right now because in the
    DNS manager we rely on the fact that an empty configuration (i.e. just
    created) has a zero checksum. This is needed to avoid rewriting
    resolv.conf when there is no change. The DNS priority initial value
    depends on the connection type (VPN or not), so it's a bit difficult
    to add it to checksum maintaining the assumption of checksum(empty)=0.
    This should be improved in the future.
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