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    wifi: don't use GBytesArray for NMWifiAP's ssid · 5cd4e6f3
    Thomas Haller authored
    GBytes makes more sense, because it's immutable.
    Also, since at other places we use GBytes, having
    different types is combersome and requires needless
    - avoid nm_utils_escape_ssid() instead of _nm_utils_ssid_to_string().
      We use nm_utils_escape_ssid() when we want to log the SSID. However, it
      does not escape newlines, which is bad.
    - also no longer use nm_utils_same_ssid(). Since it no longer
      treated trailing NUL special, it is not different from
    - also, don't use nm_utils_ssid_to_utf8() for logging anymore.
      For logging, _nm_utils_ssid_escape_utf8safe() is better because
      it is loss-less escaping which can be unambigously reverted.
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