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    core: rework tracking of gateway/default-route in ip-config · 5c299454
    Thomas Haller authored
    Instead of having 3 properties @gateway, @never_default and @has_gateway
    on NMIP4Config/NMIP6Config that determine the default-route, track the
    default-route as a regular route.
    The gateway setting is the configuration knob for the default-route.
    Since an NMIP4Config/NMIP6Config instance only has one gateway property,
    it cannot track more then one default-routes (see related bug rh#1445417).
    Especially with policy routing, it might be interesting to configure a
    default-route in multiple tables.
    Also, later it might be interesting to allow adding default-routes as
    regular static routes in a connection, so that the user can configure additional
    route parameters for the default-route or add default-routes in multiple tables.
    With this patch, default-routes now have a rt_source property according to their
    Also, the previous commits of this branch broke handling of the
    default-route :) . That should be working now again.
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