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    all: add connection.multi-connect property for wildcard profiles · 55ae6923
    Thomas Haller authored
    Add a new option that allows to activate a profile multiple times
    (at the same time). Previoulsy, all profiles were implicitly
    a profile that is already active will deactivate it first.
    This will make more sense, as we also add more match-options how
    profiles can be restricted to particular devices. We already have
    connection.type, connection.interface-name, and (ethernet|wifi).mac-address
    to restrict a profile to particular devices. For example, it is however
    not possible to specify a wildcard like "eth*" to match a profile to
    a set of devices by interface-name. That is another missing feature,
    and once we extend the matching capabilities, it makes more sense to
    activate a profile multiple times.
    See also https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=997998, which
    previously changed that a connection is restricted to a single activation
    at a time. This work relaxes that again.
    This only adds the new property, it is not used nor implemented yet.
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