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    libnm-util, libnm-glib: standardize copyright/license headers · cb7e1893
    Dan Winship authored
    - Remove list of authors from files that had them; these serve no
      purpose except to quickly get out of date (and were only used in
      libnm-util and not libnm-glib anyway).
    - Just say "Copyright", not "(C) Copyright" or "Copyright (C)"
    - Put copyright statement after the license, not before
    - Remove "NetworkManager - Network link manager" from the few files
      that contained it, and "libnm_glib -- Access network status &
      information from glib applications" from the many files that
      contained it.
    - Remove vim modeline from nm-device-olpc-mesh.[ch], add emacs modeline
      to files that were missing it.
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