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    supplicant: prevent a race condition due to D-Bus activation · 48e37de3
    Dan Williams authored
    interface_add() could get called from two places: by the wifi/eth
    device class when activating (which if the supplicant isn't yet
    running will D-Bus activate it) and from the NameOwnerChanged
    handler for the wpa_supplicant dbus service smgr_running_cb().
    So if the supplicant wasn't running, nm_supplicant_interface_new()
    would call interface_add() to bring the supplicant to life via
    activation, then go on and create priv->iface_proxy.  When the
    supplicant appeared and D-Bus sent the NameOwnerChanged,
    smgr_running_cb() would also call interface_add(), creating a
    second priv->iface_proxy.  The first one got lost and lived after
    its parent NMSupplicantInterface was killed, and could still
    respond to signals over the bus.
    Prevent that by adding another state, STARTING, that indicates
    that we've already started talking to the supplicant.  Also be
    extra paranoid about disconnecting signal handlers on the proxy.
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