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    device: don't capture resolve.conf for initial device config · 454195c0
    Thomas Haller authored
    This was called by via
      - manager:recheck_assume_connection()
        - manager:get_existing_connection()
          - nm_device_capture_initial_config()
            - update_ext_ip_config(initial=TRUE)
    and would parse resolv.conf, and try to fill the device IP config
    with nameservers and dns-options.
    But why? It would only have effect if NM was started with
    nm_dns_manager_get_resolv_conf_explicit(), but is that really sensible?
    And it would only take effect on devices that have a default route.
    And for what is this information even used?
    Let's not do it this way. If we need this information for assuming or
    external sys-iface mode, then it should be explicitly loaded at the
    appropriate moment.
    For now, drop it and see what breaks. Then we can fix it properly. If
    it even matters.
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